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More profitable clients.
More profitable accountants.

CPA Business Coach is the premier training company that turns CPAs and EAs into business advisors; commanding significantly higher effective hourly rates in the process.

You know that your client’s success is your success. Have you ever wondered how you can help your clients become more profitable?


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Scott has helped me become a better business owner, and focus on what’s important, not just what is urgent.
Kaleigh E. Canavan, EA
Canavan, Syddall & Associates
Paul was a great source of ideas and marketing processes that helped me grow my practice quickly with ideal clients.
Louis Buhrmann
I’ve relied on Doug’s extensive business knowledge and his experience managing a large CPA firm.
David G. Prusinowski

We make you the authority
in Business Advisory Services

We both know profitable solutions are found in the numbers not on the balance sheet or profit and loss statement. Your clients need guidance on marketing, systems, and sales process. You can provide that guidance, support their growth, and become more profitable together. 

At CPA Business Coach we believe CPAs like you are business advisory specialists in waiting. You can turn a few hours a month with your clients into more profit for both of you. We show you how to increase your income without increasing your hours. 

Behind every great business is a great accountant.

Use this time to improve your business model.

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Providing quality business advisory services will help improve your clients profitability. Profitable clients make profitable accountants.

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Instead of drowning in compliance work, you're head will be well above water and you'll be able to enjoy some of the finer things.

deliver for your clients

And there's no greater satisfaction than attaining your success by delivering profitability results for your clients.

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