About CPA Business Coach

Our Why

We believe most accountants could be earning a much higher effective hourly rate.

We think the best way to get there is to begin offering business advisory services to business-owner clients.

Business advisory services are higher-value, higher-priced services. We believe accountants have the experience and competence to provide these services.

We developed our training specifically for accountants to provide you with the tools—the specific knowledge and confidence—you need to get to work for your clients.

CPA Business Coach offers an affordable, best-in-class training program that helps you become the business advisor your clients need.

What we believe

At CPA Business Coach, we believe accountants:

• Provide a critical service to business owners and are vital to the running of a successful business.
• Are NOT earning the effective hourly rate that they are worth.
• Rely too heavily on compliance work for the bulk of their income.
• Are working too many hours for too little money.
• Are NOT providing as much value as they are capable of doing.
• Are at risk of losing their main source of income (compliance work) if a major tax reform bill is ever passed by Congress, and maybe more realistically… by artificial intelligence and other technological advancements.
• Are NOT doing enough (or any!) business advisory services.

Over 30 Years of Experience in Coaching Accounting Firms

Doug Hoffman

Doug’s career spans more than 40 years. He has worked with many different clients helping them achieve their goals with their estate, tax, business, and personal planning.
He started his own CPA firm in 1977 and grew it from a sole proprietorship to a regional firm grossing millions of dollars per year.
Doug retired as managing partner in January 2019. His time is now devoted to coaching and mentoring other CPAs and accounting firms.

Paul Roy

Paul has always been passionate about business, having started a yard and snow removal business in his teens. He went on to purchase his first brick and mortar business at the age of 26.

Paul knows what change looks like, he survived three industry consolidations over the course of his career. He knows that business financials haven’t changed, rather what has changed is how our customers do business.

Paul’s expertise will help you and your clients navigate change to keep you ahead of the trends.

Scott & Pam Lippitt

Scott and Pam are experienced business advisors, certified coaches, senior mentors, and skilled trainers.
They are in the business of helping business owners, particularly CPAs and EAs, take full advantage of our strengths, experience, and interests. Twice per year since 2011, from Denver, they train CPAs how to become grow a more profitable practice.
Scott and Pam have found it rewarding helping professional service firms, particularly accountants, become true millionaires.