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CPA Business Coach Business Advisory Services Training Program

We make you the authority
in Business Advisory Services

CPA Business Coach Business Advisory Services Training Program

Our ten-module training program provides CPAs with the tools they need to offer business advisory services. Business advisory services help you help your clients grow their businesses. When your client’s business is growing, so is yours. 

Week One

Fixed and Variable Costs

Week Two

Lead Generation

Week Three

Conversion to a Consultation

Week Four

Closing the Sale

Week Five

Frequency of Sale and Average $ Sale

Week Six


Week Seven

People Management

Week Eight

Systems and Process Improvement

Week Nine

How to “Coach” Clients and Prospects to Upgrade Your Advisory Services

Week Ten

Introduction to “Coaching Your Clients to Success”

Profit Vortex
Increase Revenues and Profits

Our 10-week course is based on our proprietary Profit Vortex® system for coaching business owners to dramatically increase their revenues and profits.

The Profit Vortex at Work

Here’s an example of how focusing your clients on improving the key variables in The Profit Vortex can dramatically improve their results.

Real Benefits

Potential Impact

Here’s an example of the impact adding business advisory services can have on YOUR business.

CPA Business Coaching is the premier coaching and training company that turns CPAs and EAs into business advisors, successful business owners; working less, earning more and creating their dream practice.

More Profitable Accountants.
More Dream Clients.
More Enjoyable Practices.

You deserve to have your expertise recognized and compensated at a premium level. You’re working too hard for people who don’t respect your expertise or pay for your TRUE value. It’s time you took back control of your practice.

CPA Business Coach Business Advisory Services Training Programs

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What you’ll receive:

Instant online access to our 10-Module Business Advisory Course

Email Support During the Training Program (Value: Priceless)