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Infinity Globus

Our Outsourcing Partner Infinity Globus is a Leading Global Accounting Company Serving Finance & Accounting (F&A) Outsourcing Services. The Infinity Globus team comprises top-notch financial experts who have extensive experience in Industry-specific Accounting, Payroll, Sales & Income Taxes. Infinity Globus allows you to engage in higher Tax and Accounting work adding a greater effective hourly rate for your accounting practice without a loss of service level to your clients.

Please reach out to us if you would like to know if this service can compliment your accounting practice.

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Talent Sorter

The best applicants identified by our online hiring tools – before you read their resumes. TalentSorter is the complete online solution for recruiting, assessing and hiring your next superstar.

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Reference Getter

An automated solution for tackling the tiresome task of checking candidate references. Employers can get valuable, verified feedback on every candidate with just a couple clicks and no phone calls!